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Summertime is a time of year when everyone wants to go outdoors. The summer months should always be fun, relaxing, stress-free, and exciting, but the problem of overbearing heat, especially if you do not have an immediate solution to reducing the excess heat and cooling off. What’s even worse is when you do not have the money to run the big standard AC units to cool the temperature in your house.

Thankfully, a new portable air cooler, CoolEdge, is here to solve all the summer heat and cooling problems. Unlike the big AC units, you can always use the CoolEdge air cooler whenever you want additional cooling. This review will look at its features, how it works and where you can get one for yourself.

What Is CoolEdge Portable AC?

CoolEdge portable AC is the ultimate solution to both expensive energy bills and also poor air quality. It is very compact and easy to use as well. The best part is that it is silent. Therefore, you can use it when you are sleeping or place it in your baby’s room without the worry of disturbing sleep.

Whether you like to stay in the office, park, or your room, worry no more about excess heat because this device will ensure you enjoy your surroundings. Another great thing about CoolEdge is that it is easy to handle and operate. It requires very minimal maintenance and the best part is it is cheap.

The device is meant for cooling, cleaning, and purifying the air around you. It contains a set of filters that assure you take in the cool, clean, and fresh air. And because it uses water, it does not mean that the air will be too dry, hot, or stale. Instead, it is just soothingly fresh and cool.

Energy Efficient

CoolEdge Portable AC is very energy efficient. There is no need to get freon gas. All you need is water or ice cubes, and you are good to go. It contains a water tank that can last up to 8 hours without worry about refilling it.

Adjustable Blade

The adjustable louvered blade allows you to move the wind direction either up or down. It also contains a 3-speed fan that you can always set for when you prefer silence or chilled air.


CoolEdge can quickly reduce temperatures in your surrounding within 30 seconds with plain water. In addition, it emits refreshing air, and you can always add some ice in water to get some extra cool within a short time.

USB Power Supply

The good thing with having a CoolEdge portable AC device is that you only need a USB cable to recharge it. As a result, it consumes very little energy, and you can always power it either using your laptop or phone. The battery is also effective and can last for a considerable amount of time.


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