SEO Small Business

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SEO Small Business

If you are a small business owner, SEO to you may be an unnecessary expense. You will probably even believe it is not worth your buck as the belief can be that SEO is dying anyway.

However, here at DMB, we believe those thoughts are far from the truth. Online SEO is the very thing that makes your business breathing. Before, it played a major role for large and midsize businesses. However, it is now just as crucial for small businesses.

How Can You Know SEO Is Working?

SEO is measurable and that is what makes the difference. A tool like Google Analytics allows you insights and gives great stats on your website visit website visits. This allows you to adjust your content according to how you are being reached online, that is if you are being reached at all.

2 Powerful Techniques Used For SEO Results

On-Page SEO. The improvement of individual pages which enhances your ranking in search engine results is on-page SEO. Keywords, formatting, URLs, navigation, on-site blogging, responsive design.

Off-Page SEO. Best practices are link building, social media, business profiles and articles.

Where do you start?

Yes, SEO is complex in many ways, however, is no excuse to neglect it whatsoever. SEO costs are low however requires your time, and it is much more effective than traditional marketing techniques. Fact, inbound leads from good SEO cost 53% less than outbound leads when it comes to cold calling.

Digital Marketing Barbados

Digital Marketing Barbados